Truth be told…


She Sure Is Something

You know my name!

A solemn whisper in the night, it tickles the inner side of my ear and kisses me to sleep.

Oh how you hold my hand when I’m scared of the past and how it devours my deepest secrets so easily like the carcass of an antelope.

Caressed me in the middle of the night but snatched me from my sleep ever so gently.

Your spirit rages inside my heart locked cage because once I truly let you in there’s no u turn into my one way street of aging cream and sadness.

God you knocked me off my mountain and come to find out I wasn’t even near the top.

Shook my whole world up so my sand won’t settle

Now I’m just realizing life is a beach and I haven’t scratched the surface of the shore.

Lord hear my prayers and answers my calls Father.

When I seek you I shall find and when you whisper that name tonight I pray that it’s mine.

Goodnight Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I know it hasn’t seemed like it lately but I still love you too.


Accept me/except me

Acceptance in the form of a written letter that’s says “congratulations, you’ve won…” but is this envelope even for me, I mean my name isn’t on it. It’s just addressed from Father to son. That could be anybody, maybe meant for everybody except me. You see a lot of kids had nice toys growing up so I asked for nice toys too. Maybe now these 7 year olds elites will accept me. Leaving school to be praised by the man figure in their life for good grades, all of them having one except me. Father God ummm please accept me, accept them, accept us all, except me. Rejection comes in the mail, all nicely addressed and covered with gold. A sinners prayer is wrapped the same. God accept me even when I leave my body and begin to ascend. Drag all my negative thoughts and sins away from your presence except me. Still do accept me as the You in the acceptance letter was me.


That was it.

All along it was her.

She was it.

It was she.

How could I not know it unless I show it that I love it.

It always…..

…… it just.

Nevermind it.

White Rose

White roses, white roses.

So unique and pure.

I’ve grown ill from the beauty, now I search for the cure.

If you my love are a rose then I pray you be tinted in white.

So in the darkest of forests, your glow brings me to the light.

With thorns so sharp and roots so undeniably strong.

If you are the rose I choose there’s no way to be wrong.

Even when bound in dozens, you are the only rose for me.

Dream big white rose, some day you could be a tree.

Beautiful white rose, as peaceful as a dove.

My white rose, white rose so unique and pure, in love.

SHE = She Has Everything

She has everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.

She has everything I prayed to God for.

She has everything I desired in a wife.

She is the song that my heart sings at sunset and she has everything it takes to make the sun rise again.

She is God’s great creation and she has everything she needs to qualify as a masterpiece.

She exemplifies beauty and she has everything needed to be considered beautiful.

Most importantly She has Him in her heart and because of that,

She has everything…

The crazy thing is though, I already have God and now I have her too so that must mean that I have everything because I have you ✝️❤️

With hearts wide open

Finally got some things off my chest, first came my shirt then my bulletproof vest. Trying to show off I ripped my tank top apart, and during this process I accidentally tore my heart. I did it faster than you but that doesn’t mean you’re weak, all it means is I have a pumping organ thats missing its beat. My nails must be sharp because they gave me a slight hole, but a cut open heart is better than dying lost soul…